NATO – an anti-white and anti-family institution . . .

After the apocalypse of 1945, a number of global organizations have been formed with the aim of maintaining and expanding totalitarian liberalism. One of the earliest organizations formed for this purpose was the war alliance "North Atlantic Treaty Organization", or NATO, which can be seen as the military wing of globalism.

In addition to ensuring that Washington always has international support for its military campaigns, NATO as an institution is explicitly anti-white and explicitly dedicated to "racial justice" for racial aliens living in white countries. As early as 1999, NATO authored reports blaming nationalists for a number of modern problems and warning against the influence of nationalism.

In 2023, the war alliance held a summit at its headquarters in Brussels on race where the alliance's leaders pledged to fight "homogeneous attitudes" and to use NATO's "collective intelligence" for the purpose.

In fact, NATO is so dedicated to its anti-white agenda that it openly advocates that institutions must be reshaped to be "inclusive," in other words, restructured to be more anti-white, and consist of fewer white employees and executives.


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Diversity is fine for those who deal in fantasy, fairy tale land. The entire covid hoax debacle aforementioned by you was only possible due the mis-education from public school. The schools taught the now adult population to trust society, trust them. They did and got what my people got in the Tuskegee Experiment. We knew better. Never masked, never did anything, we just sat back and observed the peoples mental illness and helpless weakness on display. Diversity is for the serfs, the deviants, evil stays segregated with like foreign minds. "By their hoof prints you shall know them."

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